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Bamboo Plywood to Become Amazing Alternative For Wooden Plywood

Bamboo being one of the most vital non-wood species, it is a great alternative for wood manufactured materials and furniture like pulp and paper, stripboards, matboards, veneer, plywood, particleboard and fiberboard. It abundantly grows in most of the tropical and subtropical zone especially. Bamboo plywood is made from 100 percent renewable bamboo, using adhesives that […]

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Why Is Bamboo Plywood Widely Accepted In The Market?

One of the key factors in the uptake of bamboo as a building material has been its sustainability. Since, bamboo grows so fast that it can produce 20 times more timber than trees on the same area of land. This fast growing grass is self-renewing and it even regrows after cutting down from the existing […]

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What Positives Can Solid Bamboo Flooring Bring About?

  In recent years, bamboo floors have acquired immense importance for a number of reasons, much like hardwood flooring. While many are still fond of the latter for its traditional appeal, the availability of bamboo in large numbers and simplicity in replenishment has made many to resort to this choice. Apart from its sustainability, eco-friendly […]

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Get to Know Why You Will Prefer Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors are growing popular in the recent times as several homeowners are opting for a substitute of the conventional wooden floors. A big advantage of bamboo is its potential to regenerate at a rapid pace. The other benefits of are its toughness and of course, its eco-friendliness. The bamboo plant, as you might know, […]

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Amazing Advantages of Bamboo Flooring You Should Know About

Bamboo flooring has many advantages over hardwood flooring. Bamboo Flooring is certainly one of the upcoming materials in today’s floor market. With many advantages over traditional hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring has certainly been a kind of shooting star amongst the different new floor types used. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant. Bamboo is actually considered […]

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How Bamboo Flooring Can Shine Your Property??

Bamboo is a commonly used flooring material across many East Asian countries. While the use of strand woven bamboo flooring is something new in many parts of the world, Vienam has been using the material for flooring probably for centuries. The material has recently gained wide currency in the West too and European and North […]

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What Makes Bamboo Plywood an Eco-Friendly Option?

What makes Bamboo Plywood an Eco-Friendly Option? Deforestation and global warming is a major problem that the world is facing and as a citizen of Earth, it is our duty to save our planet. So, whenever we use any of the material directly from nature, it is our duty to keep a thought in mind […]

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