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Our Story

Live Green - Lifve Healthy


Being members of a famous international travel company owning 3 to 5 cruises on Ha Long Bay, we had the opportunity to work & get in touch with many foreign tourists from many different continents and experienced the tours to many countries in the region and around the world; for this reason, we could have access to innovative ideas, smart and environmentally friendly consumption trends.

Also, we had been shared by many foreign customers & partners about the experience, using green andenvironmentally friendly materials in the tourism industry to increase the value of services and customer experiences, and at the same time we approach closer to the contemporary rhythm of life of the developing countries in the world.

This has inspired us a lot and prompted us to think green – to live clean- to actively protect the environment for a green future for our children.

After a long time of research & consideration, we decided to choose products made from bamboo for business and export such as bamboo cups, bamboo straws, thermos flasks, bamboo pens … with the desire to contribute to the reduction of plastic wastes in society and to protect the environment.  We find out the way to start up a business with this friendly bamboo materials as outlined in our vision – mission – core values as follows:

* Vision:

+ Develop/Apply bamboo materials more thoroughly to replace natural wood and other man-made materials for construction materials industry, interior and exterior decorations and household appliances

Bamboo Cups
Bamboo Cups

+ Continue the research and creativity in the production of bamboo products to serve domestic and foreign needs

+ Strengthen the cooperation with strategic partners in order to increase research capacity, expand production scale, invest in modern technology, etc. to increase competitive advantage, diversify products, and reduce costs to target the export.

* Mission:

+ Planning of bamboo material areas in some mountainous areas in the North & North Central region

+ Accompanying ethnic people in transferring the process of seedling management, planting, tending, harvesting … product consumption, creating livelihoods & incomes to help people alleviate poverty, fight deforestation, and protect traditional values

Bamboo Straws
Bamboo Straws


+ Spreading the value and benefits of using bamboo materials and products to the community, raising awareness of environmental protection, and encourage to live green and healthy

* Core values

+ Following the sustainable development trend, the bamboo made products are close to nature and friendly to the environment  such as bamboo cups/bamboo cups, bamboo straws … which is a new material in the field of construction and interior decoration. The use of bamboo products not only brings a new and luxurious appearance to the building, but also an act of showing the awareness of environmental protection and fighting the climate change.

+ VietBamboo combine the expertise in the field of bamboo, technology and management skills to control the entire production process from input materials to finished products to create the most perfect pressed bamboo products

Bamboo Plywood Panel
Bamboo Plywood Panel

+ VietBambook is in combination with consultancy and design units with high expertise in the construction and interior decoration industry so we are ready to advise customers to choose products suitable for their decoration. We have a team of professional sales staff / consultants who are always committed to providing all required information to customers and partners as soon as possible.

+ VietBamboo always puts ourselves in the position of customers and commits to being a business partner for mutual benefits. We accompany customers throughout the period of product use with after sales service.


– The product is made from natural bamboo, so it is safe and environmentally friendly

– 100% of input materials are natural bamboo grown in some mountainous provinces and exploited according to a strict process. Bamboo reaches the age of exploitation after planting for 5-7 years & is exploited at the time of dry weather from October to December to ensure that the bamboo is strong, hard and supple.

– Bamboo material after exploitation is dried for some time to reduce moisture, then decarbonized by high heat pressure chamber technology with salt to completely remove the eggs of termites, eliminating Lignin to make the bamboo more flexible; At the same time, sugar is decomposed, preventing termites in nature from attacking again



– Bamboo cup is 100% made from bamboo, so the use is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly

– Bamboo cups are very light, easy to carry and they won’t break in case of accidental drop

– The product customization is very popular because it is possible to create a different personality & style for the product by laser engraving the portraits, messages, words of love… to record great memories in life and we can help turn your desire into a lively and attractive product.

The product is also a great tool to educate & remind your children of a green and clean lifestyle, respecting the nature as well as protecting the environment.

Bamboo products also have feng shui / spiritual meanings in the life of Vietnamese people when the bamboo is considered to bring health, love, fortune, prosperity, luck to the owner and the bamboo also represents the resilient character to overcome challenges. In addition, bamboo material also has the effect of warding off evil spirits, bringing the warmth and reunion to every Vietnamese home.

Eco-friendly bamboo products
Eco-friendly bamboo products

– This product is manufactured at the factory in large quantities for export, so the price is very cheap, suitable for every income as well as easy to access .., Only a little money paid will give you the chance to use the product for hundreds of years

Change your mind today to change yourself by giving up the habit of using plastic bags, plastic materials or other less environmentally friendly materials to switch to bamboo materials to find yourself trendy and more mature in awakening


– As one of the pioneering businesses in using environmentally friendly materials to better serve people, our mission is to spread good values to the community – changing the awareness and behavior looking for a green and clean life and for a healthy environment for future generations.


– We accompany the ethnic people in Northern Vietnam’s mountainous provinces in providing seedlings and technical guidance, creating livelihoods – increasing income for the people, thereby making practical contributions to the community regarding hunger eradication and poverty reduction that the Party – State is calling for. Thanks to income improvement, many children of ethnic minorities can go to school; for this reason, the practice of deforestation – nomadic way of life has also gradually ceased. That is the meaningful & good results that we have created for the community and is completely in line with our principle of “harmonizing the interests between people & businesses” to create out a sustainable business.

– As we clearly define our mission & vision, we have invested in a closed model from raw materials & production plants, so the products we make are always of the most perfect quality with competitive prices.

– We consider customers and agents as companions in the development process and we spread the value to the community and people, so our customer care service is always prioritized.. We always listen to all comments and feedbacks of the customer and market to be able to respond quickly and accurately to your needs and to ensure your satisfaction.

– Our products are carefully checked and packed before reaching customers with an attitude of respect and humility because in it is the package of our hearts to you. The product has a QR code attached to it to trace the product’s origin to ensure its credibility and fastest delivery time.

– We are committed and responsible for our products, we are ready to compensate 2 times the value of the product if you have an unhappy experience of them such as cracked or scratched or distorted products…

– With our production capacity, we are ready to ensure the co-operation of large quantities on time for domestic and foreign agents, distributors as well as importers

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