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High-grade Porcelain Bamboo Tray


Material: Porcelain & Bamboo / Color: Natural
Packaging: 5-layer carton box
Uses: home, office decor

Product Description
Porcelain bamboo trays with inner lid are crafted by skillful Vietnamese artisans.
The natural and environmentally friendly products show the rustic beauty
Meticulous knit lines bring beauty and durability over time.
Cleaning easily saves your time.

Usage Notes
Bamboo tray made from natural materials, even though they have been treated, will also be susceptible to mold when the storage conditions are not good.
Store them in a cool and dry place after use. If it gets wet, you can have it dried in the sun.

Viet Bamboo, the wholesale exporter of bamboo & rattan products for businesses and individuals around the globe, commits to deliver creatively crafted ideas personalized to bring harmony and zen into your home and office.


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